Enjoy a bike ride or a leisurely walk down the boardwalk of the Newport Beach Balboa peninsula. There are many gorgeous homes that line this beautiful waterfront.


Here in Newport Beach we are proud of our rich and interesting history. From the original Ruby's Diner to the invention of the "Balboa Shuffle" in the Balboa Pavilion, we welcome you to our little slice of heaven.


The Balboa Fun Zone is a great place for family fun as well as a romantic date. The ferris wheel is a main attraction, but more exists on this amusement park boardwalk of entertainment.


Discover the history and passion behind what makes Old Newport such a Southern California gem. Meet the locals behind the shops, restaurants and bars who each have a unique story to tell.



We here at Newport Spin want to bring you fun, interesting information on local restaurants, shops and people that will get you out of the house and out on the town. We visit local attractions, from the hole in the wall taco joint to the glamorous 5-Star steak house. We also interview individuals and families to bring you captivating stories that will spark your intrigue. Thanks for visiting, enjoy and share!

  • EAT

    Newport has some of the best food on earth; we’re not exaggerating. We visit local restaurants and let you know what we think. Now you don’t have to waste time and money on restaurants that aren’t up to par! We know that tastes vary, and that’s why we visit everywhere. Like pizza? We’ve got you covered. Seafood? Newport’s the place to be. Vegetarian or vegan? We’ll find the best spots for your palate.

  • SHOP

    We here at Newport Spin love to shop. It’s more than a hobby… but not quite a life purpose. In short, we take it seriously. That’s one of the reasons we love Newport so much, it has world-class shops! Everything from the exclusive stores at Fashion Island to the local jeweler who is a 3rd generation owner, we’ll be there. We love to browse shops for you, finding different stores for different tastes, and also finding out the story behind the store (there always is one).

  • LIVE

    When you come to fall in love with the OC-Newport area as we have, the next step is to figure out how to spend more time here. Whether that means a time-share, a rental, or a buy, we have the latest and greatest listings and Real Estate market news. We have an expert on the market who answers weekly questions about the market. Email us or comment for any question suggestions.


    Newport has become quite famous in recent years. People are flocking from all over the US and the world to come visit this beautiful place we call home. But Newport has been around awhile and there is a lot of fascinating, rich history to revel in! Let us take you on a journey back in time to learn and appreciate how this city began and how life used to be here, one photo at a time.

Individual Stories and Reviews for you to browse. Check out our Taco's of Newport Reviews or individual restaurant or event articles. If you have a suggestion or comment for us, please let us know! Just scroll to the bottom of the page to contact us! We love hearing from our fans!

Because there is always something to do here! Bored of doing the same thing every weekend? We know the feeling! That’s why we do some research and find the awesome events going on right in our own backyard! There are so many opportunities to get out and have fun! We’ll discover, attend and review all community events, from the family friendly to the wild and crazy. Get inspired, get excited, and get out!


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    April 4th – 13th you are invited to a huge range of restaurants in the Newport Beach area that are having specials like you wouldn’t believe!  $16 for a three-course lunch and $35 for a three-course dinner can be had this week! Get on it because you can bet the locals already are!

    Find more information at:


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    Neatly tucked between the Balboa Peninsula and Corona Del Mar, Balboa Island is a great place to go to go on a quiet walk with family.  The island is covered from corner to corner by beach houses and local shops and eateries, giving the island its own small-town feel separate from that of Newport Beach.


    What should you do when you get to the island, however?  Buy a frozen banana!  A Newport Beach tradition since the 1950s, the frozen banana was popularized by cult comedy TV Arrested Development.  To this day, people still wander Balboa Island looking for the original Bluth’s Frozen Banana Stand (which is actually cleverly hidden on the island- good luck finding it!).

    If you’re looking for a quality, traditional frozen banana, I would recommend Sugar & Spice on Marine Ave.  Located in the center of the small island town, Sugar & Spice has been a part of the local community since the introduction of the frozen banana itself!  The bananas are dipped in chocolate, being followed by either nuts, sprinkles, or a combination of them.  Now that the sun’s out, take the opportunity to explore old Newport Beach and grab a frozen banana with the family!


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    The Balboa Car Show is having it’s premier this Sunday from 7AM to 9AM in the Balboa Fun Zone parking lot on Balboa Peninsula! Come with your families whether you have a classic car or not and bond as a community and a culture! There will be a raffle with tickets going to car owners, one ticket per car. The prizes are a surprise, but hint hint, your car will love them. Come show off your car or just come to enjoy the show, either way you’ll have a great time! See you there!

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